This engine had a name, but fear that it would act like it's name, caused us to change the name.

So, here comes the SuckerPunch!

These stacks will top SuckerPunch.

Although lengths of the stacks will be equal after testing.

SuckerPunch will have the best crankshaft we have ever owned.

This Sonny Bryant has every trick that can be purchased in a crank in this 3.77 stroke.

Not only that, but every part in the engine is getting Poly-dyn coated, and worked to death.

Bushed keyway lifters, roller cam bearings, and maraging pins are a few possibilities at this point.

The kicker to this baby will be the appearance.

We will be attempting to make this 500 cubic inch alcohol monster to look like a stock 427.

It will have cast iron heads. (Yeah, the heads that went 8.23 and 164mph on the Cadillac.)

The heads that outflow and outperform any conventional Chevy head we have at any of the three Wannabe shops.

And it will have the heads and block painted flat black.

This baby will be put into a "sleeper" boat, and may just SuckerPunch a few people in the process.

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