Holy Schiada!

This light lay-up Schiada 21 foot River cruiser was purchased from a prominent ski racing team after the rules for their class outlawed this boat. The Wannabe Team took the boat and ran it as is, but started seeing problems with the engine. The block had seen too much water over the years and head bolts started pulling out of the valley.

The Wannabe Racing group purchased a Merlin Pro engine block and a fresh start. A billet Velasco 4.25 stroke crank and some Oliver billet rods were asked to spin around a custom Venolia piston hanging PPP wrist pins and Akerly and Childs ring set. A Chris Straub cam runs Morel hydraulic lifters to open the Incolnel valves to let in the 15 pounds of turbo boost to the 557 cubic inch monster. The first time out with this combination made so much power that it completely sheared the drive plate in two. Good thing silver was there to rescue the monster. (And provide some great deck surfing.)

But not only is this thing a performance monster, but after Wannabe Janice completely reupholstered the entire boat, it is quite the comfortable ride, and looks awful clean in the original Schiada Gelcoat.

If we get a new president soon, the Wannabe Team will take the whole boat apart and re-anodize everything to make the boat a perfect and clean look once again. Until then, just a lot of skiing and running around the local lakes, and even a trip or two to the Colorado river. But watch out. A new fuel station just opened up less than a mile away from the shop, and they stock E85 fuel. The Schiada may see a switch over in the next few months.