Once upon a time in a land far away there was a guy named Scotty Cannon!
In the early stages of his Nitro career he took his test body of a 99 Carbon Fiber Camaro to a little track in Phoenix Arizona for testing.  In one pass of the testing session, his car struck the tires at 300 feet and pitched out of control cross track and careened into a retaining wall at almost head on.  Cannon Was O.K. but the same could not be said of his race car.  The mangled pieces were stripped of the valuable components and transferred to a second car.  The Wannabes were there with Scotty.
After some discussion, the body was purchased at a reasonably discounted price.
After 300 hours of welding, pounding, repairing, sanding glassing, more sanding, painting,
air-brushing, re tinning, re winging, chroming and all around re-doing-
Scar-face Rears His Ugly Head!

Scotty's Chassis after crash                                                The "Good" Side of the body remains


Scarface has been re-done once again to run
in NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car

The Neese & Knowles team that set the world on fire with
The quickest & Fastest AA/FA pass in history, 5.42 @ 282
Have taken Scarface back to where he belongs:  AA/FC

Look for scarface to tear a track up in the west coast!